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i know photographs can lie, but from what i can tell you are so incredibly beautiful. it's like.. whoa. and you seem like such a nice person -- not as shallow, immature and ridiculous as most guys i see every day. it's just kind of depressing because i know i will never meet someone like you (or the "picture" i have of you :P), and even if i DID, they would never ever have the slightest interest in me. anyway, sorry. just felt like sharing before i leave again. this is weird. sorryy.

Oh wow! I genuinely don’t know how to respond, except for offering you my humble gratitude. 
It kind of feels like you’ve messaged the wrong person, because that description is simply too nice and doesn’t fit me in the slightest, but this is easily one of the nicest messages I’ve ever received.  
Moving on, you will without doubt meet someone far better than me or the picture of me that you have, and they’ll definitely be interested in if you if you’re anywhere near this nice to them :P  
Please don’t apologise, you have made my day :)  

(P.S, I really don’t want to pressure you, but I would be incredibly grateful if you were willing to tell me who you are). Thank you.  

  1. jackthecb said: You are a beautiful human Tiju!
  2. artforthesakeofliving said: you ARE like the nicest guy ever though :3
  3. ticktockticktockdirection said: so freaking adorable <33333 (i wasn’t anon btw)
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